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Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC Selected List of Completed Field Research Trials 2006-2008
    Algae Control with Phosphite Fertilizers and Fungicides
    Annual Bluegrass Weevil Control in Adult and Larval Stages
    Bermudagrass Control in Rough Turf with Mesotrione and Tank-mixes of Acclaim and Turflon Ester
    Black Cutworm Control in Creeping Bentgrass Turf
    Broadleaf (Black Medic, Clover, Dandelion, and Plantain spp.) Weed Control in Turf
    Brown Patch Control in Creeping Bentgrass and Tall Fescue
    Canada Thistle Control in Naturalized Rough Areas
    Comparison of Fungicide Formulations for Disease Control and Usability
    Comparison of Fertigation to Conventional Methods of Nutrient Applications (foliar spray and granular) Japanese Stiltgrass Control in Naturalized Rough Areas
    Mile-a-Minute Control in Naturalized Rough Areas
    Pre and Post Emergent Control of Crabgrass

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