Historically, turfgrass professionals have sent samples of unthrifty turf to a laboratory for inspection. Many times only one or two small ‘cup-cutter’ plugs are sent. Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult for a diagnostician to determine the extent and or presence of a pathogen on the entire course from a small plug. Also, fungicides are often applied to large areas of turf based on a ‘small-sample’ diagnosis. By having the microscopes and a diagnostician at the golf course, we can examine the extent of the disease and possibly make a hole-by-hole decision.

With the mobile lab, Turfgrass Disease Solutions takes time to examine turf out on the course as well as pulling plugs and microscopically inspecting them while at your location. By seeing the turf growing in its natural setting, a better recommendation is possible. Most often, plugs are still incubated to determine the presence of any other pathogens or problems. We would encourage any superintendent to remove plugs and place then into a warm-moist chamber prior to our arrival. By completing this on-site and on the same day, the turfgrass professional can decide to take appropriate action at that time, potentially stopping active disease quickly. Turfgrass Disease Solutions can make calls when-ever is needed. Typically, recommendations are given at the time of the visit and a formal written report can be prepared following the visit. The report will include photos and recommendations from the visit and diagnosis.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, Turfgrass Disease Solutions, has conducted over 200 consultations to golf courses, athletic fields, sod farms, and commercial properties. Please contact us with any questions and for availability. References are available, please ask!

Please click here for a sample report!

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