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Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC is a privately owned and independent service company that serves turfgrass professionals internationally. The company is operated by Steve McDonald, who has extensive training in turfgrass disease identification, problem solving in turfgrass systems, research and teaching in turfgrass science with an emphasis of turfgrass pest management and cultural systems.

Steve graduated with a Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland (UM) where he studied and work with Dr. Peter Dernoeden. While at UM, Steve worked for three years in the Turfgrass Disease Diagnostic lab which received many samples. Although, he was involved in over 40 research trials, during the three years there, he has worked extensively with dollar spot, gray leaf spot and herbicides and plant growth regulators for the management of Poa annua in cool-season turf. Other projects dealt with: bio-stimulants, fertilizers, fungicide combinations, herbicides, cultural practices and turfgrass safety.

Since the inception of TDS, Steve has been involved with more than 1,000 different protocols for various fertilizers and plant protection materials. His current research focus is the practical management of problematic disease, insects, and weeds in highly maintained turfgrass.

Steve has worked and consulted on both public and private golf courses.

Annually, Steve visits more than 200 golf courses primarily in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. He has consulted internationally as well. The consulting services can be tailored to meet your needs from extensive on-site growing environment assessments, grow-in and management programs and grass selection. Soil, tissue, water and environmental testing services are available as well.

Currently, Steve continues to be active in the University setting by teaching in the Professional Golf Turf Management Program at Rutgers University. Steve has taught more than 500 students in the program since 2012.

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